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This 25 meter tall pinnacle rises to within the surface providing for currents and hundreds of fish species.

Name Dive Site:Pinnacle
Depth: 7-37m (22-121ft)
Inserted/Added by: fishrock

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The Pinnacle is a spectacular submerged rock formation rising from 30 - 35 metres up to about 8 metres where there are two peaks. It is situated on the north eastern end of Fish Rock in the path of the ocean current that usually runs from north to south. As such this is a special dive site that can only be dived when the current is not too strong! If you get the opportunity do not miss what is one of the best dive sites at Fish Rock.

We often start drift dives at Fish Rock from the Pinnacle heading either along the eastern or western side of the Rock to end the dive at the Shark Gutter or the Aquarium or sometimes the Shallow Entrance to Fish Rock Cave. However if the current is weak or not present the Pinnacle is a whole dive in itself.

The Pinnacle is a favourite spot for the Grey Nurse Sharks that are found at Fish Rock. It is not unusual to be able to drop down the sheer walls, find a vantage point and see 20 to 30 plus sharks in the sand gutter below. The northern side of the Pinnacle is also a popular spot with some of the largest Ornate and Spotted Wobbegongs that we see at Fish Rock, plus green and loggerhead turtles munching the sponges that encrust the Pinnacle. Either near the beginning or end of you dive check out the Turtle Cradle, the position where the Pinnacle joins to Fish Rock at about 16 metres. There is a favoured resting spot for one of our resident loggerheads - even if he is not present this is a good spot for large lionfish (or firefish) and large stingrays (bull rays).

The sheer sponge walls of the Pinnacle are perfect for searching out elusive octopus, nudibranchs of every hue, juvenile slipper and painted cray and for hanging out watching the fish life - look out for large schools of banner fish and southern fusiliers plus bait fish being hunted by the pelagics. Occasional sightings too of schools of Eagle rays and very large Queensland Groper and Black Cod - usually shy however one of the residents has an unnerving habit of peering over the shoulders of photographers intent on macro photography! Finishing this dive at the top the Pinnacle usually accompanied by a variety of colourful wrasse, leatherjackets and the ubiquitous batfish and bullseyes plus many more.


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