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The Marietta Dal was one of Australia's Liberty Ships which struck Smith Rock in 1950.

Name Dive Site:Marietta Dal
Depth: 5-14m (16-45ft)
Visibility: 18-25m (59-82ft)
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The Marietta Dal was the final major victim of Smiths Rock at least till this point in time. She was a "Liberty Ship", a ship built very quickly after WW2 to help facilitate the restoration of the world's economy, usually not built to last forever, just to get the job done. She hit Smiths Rock in the early 50's with a load of tractors, bulldozers and other cargo, and she has been smashed to smithereens ever since. You can still see some of the farm machinery lying about the sea floor, and her giant prop shaft, about 50 meters long is quite a site. The wreck is an easy, safe and interesting dive for all levels of diver as long as there is no current around, so like all the Smiths Rock wrecks, do it on slack water or an upcoming tide never an outgoing tide. Surge is often an issue here.

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