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Kirby Smith
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The Catalina JX435 is a fantastic snorkel site that offers an interested diver a glimpse of heroic history.

Name Dive Site:Catalina JX435 Plane Wreck
Depth: 5-7m (16-22ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Catalina is the wreck of an American Flying Boat Amphibious plane often used in search and rescue missions. At the 27th of June 1945, the Catalina was coming from Red Hills Lake Air force base in Madras, India. They were with a crew of 14 of whom only 7 survived, because of the help of two heroic men. They rushed to the wreck site when they saw the Catalina crashing into the lagoon and started getting highly injured men out of the plane.

Scuba divers will find her in a idyllic situation excellent covered in hard and soft corals. At only a depth of 6 meter deep, it is a great site for snorkeling. You can still spot engines, upright propellers pointing to the surface and lots of loose plates and other debris.

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