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The wreck of the SS Catterthun is a very deep wreck which sank off Sugarloaf Point when it was en route from Sydney to China.

Name Dive Site:SS Catterthun
Depth: 40-60m (131-196ft)
Accessibility: Boat
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The SS Catterthun is a very unique piece of Australian Maritime History. Built in England in 1881, she was one of the first Australian ships to have electricity! The SS Catterthun was carrying a cargo of gold onboard when she went down on the night of August 8th 1895. This 92.5 meter vessel struck a reef situated behind Little Seal Rock and is now lying on a sandy bottom in 55-60 meters of water. It is said that there is still gold onboard the SS Catterthun, with only 7 of the 10 boxes of gold coins being recovered in a salvage operation that took place less than a year after she sank. This once majestic vessel has been surprisingly well preserved considering she has spent more than 100 years in her watery grave, with most of her body still perfectly intact.

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