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Diving at Holmes Reef at dive site Predators Playground

Name Dive Site:Holmes Reef, Predators Playground
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Predators playground is the ultimate dive site if you want to have the thrill of a shark feed. Bloody raw meat is thrown over the side of the boat, while divers are still gearing up. Then everybody goes down to a shallow sandy area, from where everything can be seen. When everybody is there more meat is thrown overboard and then the real action starts. Sharks such as the whitetip and grey reef sharks are going crazy in their battle to obtain the most amount of meat.

Some operators have cages, from where you can see the sharkfeed at even closer distances. So far, there haven't been any accidents during these feeds, but caution is necessary. Do not provoke the sharks, they are unpredictable animals.

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