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Kirby Smith
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The huge Giant Kelp Forrest and often clear waters provide a unique experience, flying through underwater forests.

Name Dive Site:Giant Kelp Forrest
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Once common all along the ocean coasts of the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas, climate change has forced the retreat of the giant kelp forests to just a couple of small areas in this region; the main one we visit is in Fortescue Bay. Under ideal conditions, the Giant Macrocystis Kelp can grow over 50cm per day, forming towering columns to the surface from up to 20 metres depth, creating an unique, shaded environment - swimming through the Giant Kelp Forest has been likened to flying through a rainforest, an amazing experience.

The unique habitat of the Giant Kelp Forest is home to a wide variety of smaller kelps and other algae, plus many animals including Weedy Seadragons, various wrasses, banded stingarees or crossback stingarees, skates, cowfish (boxfish), octopus and the occasional Bigbelly Seahorse, amongst many others. This is a relaxing dive suitable for divers of all levels of experience.

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