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Red crabs, whale sharks, manta rays and steep wall diving is what's happening on Christmas Island.

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Christmas Island, a very nice uncrowded scuba paradise. Surrounded by fringing reefs plummeting into depths unimaginable, its coast dotted with caves formed by eroded limestone cliffs and underwater visibilities that reach 50 meter. Stunning wall dives, exhilarating drift dives and shallow snorkeling opportunities make it a place suitable for each water enthusiast. You can find hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays (nov-apr) and many coral reef fish and pelagic species. The beginning of the wet season (oct) is the best time to go, not in the first place to scuba dive, but mainly because it's the time that millions of red crabs start their breeding ritual. Beaches are literally colored red when they start their migration to the sea to breed and lay their eggs. Roughly a month later, when all hatched baby red crabs are taking the dangerous road back to the forest, you'll see beaches as you've never seen before.

Christmas Island, first named by a British captain in 1643, is nowadays sparsely populated in settlements with the names Flying Fish Cove (Kampong), Silver City, Drumsite and Poon Saan. This Australian Territory is found 500km south of Indonesia and 1600km west of Australia, with most of the island marked as National Park. Other interesting things to do on Christmas Island, besides scuba diving and snorkeling, are spotting wildlife, searching for nesting sea birds, hiking up Murray Hill (316 meter high) or enjoying the ocean views. Since Christmas Island was uninhabited until the late 19th century, it is very important for ecologists as flora and fauna have developed independent of human interference something quite unique in the world. Its a great enjoyable place for your vacation with some of the best scuba dive sites in the world.

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