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Brisbane's only true coral reef is Flinders Reef, located just northwest of Cape Moreton.

Name Dive Site:Flinders Reef
Depth: 3-28m (9-91ft)
Inserted/Added by: bluezonescuba

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Flinders Reef is Brisbane's only true coral reef about 5 kilometers northwest of Cape Moreton. It is near the northern end of a chain of shoals that runs from Roberts Shoal in the south, through Brennan Shoal and Smith rock then onto Hutchinson Shoal at its northern end. More than 175 species of fish have been identified and at least 112 coral species have been recorded at Flinders Reef. The diving is good all around the reef on walls, gutters, caves and pinnacles scattered in depths from 3-28m. Lush coral growths of staghorn, brain, plate and many other hard coral species, as well as soft corals, gorgonians, sponges and sea whips are found in the shallows. You will find plenty of reef fish, and a good range of invertebrates, turtles, stingrays, wobbegong sharks and the occasional manta ray.

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+61 7 3285 4829
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Name: scubadivingaustralia

About 5 kilometers off Cape Moreton lays Flinders Reef, a nice coral reef with a large population of marine life. You can spot Green Turtles here and Wobbegongs as well as Stingrays and the occasional Manta Ray. If you go for a scuba dive during the Whale season you might even here a Whale song under water! Flinders Reef is Brisbane's only real coral reef and you can find hard and soft corals here. The walls, gutters, pinnacles and caves provide good scuba diving all around the reef.

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