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The Windara Banks is a huge rocky outcrop, by divers often compared with Ayers rock in the ocean.

Name Dive Site:Windara Banks
Depth: 25-40m (82-131ft)
Inserted/Added by: sundive

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Windara Banks is an amazing place. A bit like Ayer's Rock but then underwater. The scale of the rocky outcrop is enormous with big gullies around the sides and some huge shelves It can be fully appreciated when the visibility is good which is often the case so far off shore. This dive site is 14km from land and is very close to the edge of the continental shelf and really deep water. Because of this it the wildest place most divers would ever see.

Expect anything such as Tiger sharks, Hammerhead sharks and Whaler sharks including big packs of Sandbar whalers which approach at high speed and are very aggressive. Grey Nurse sharks have also been sighted here in numbers. Schools of large pelagic fish and rays are usually seen. The depth used for most diving would include the range 30 to 40 meters with 35 meters maximum being quite practical. The current can range from almost zero up to three knots, so diving days must be selected on reports of the current strength. This is a location only for those with significant deep and current diving skills. A truly spectacular and memorable location.

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