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The Tassie Two or Tassie II is a small ammunition supply boat that sank at the end of WWII.

Name Dive Site:Tassie II, Tassie Two, Tassie III, Tassie Three
Depth: 3-9m (9-29ft)
Visibility: 5-15m (16-49ft)
Accessibility: Shore
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Just offshore Byron Bay's main beach is where you can dive at the shipwreck Tassie II, believed to be sunk at the end of WWII while supplying American forces with ammunition. The wreck is found after a 100 meter surface swim near Fishheads with plenty of marine species also attracted by the remains of the old jetty from 1888. It is known by most divers as the Tassie Two (Tassie II) but recent research by the Byron Bay Historical Society has proved that it is actually the Tassie Three, Tassie III. They claim it was beached at night somewhere in 1945, then hit the old jetty the next day during high tide and eventually landed on the ocean floor.

The visibility this close to shore and near the jetty is often disappointing at 4-15m, so scuba diving and snorkeling here is best in clear and calm weather without too much wind. This is also the best time to go since in rough weather you should be careful for surfers as well as they tend to use the wreck as a surf break waiting for high waves.

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