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Spot X is a popular dive site with an immense amount of marine and coral life.

Name Dive Site:Spot X
Depth: 18-25m (59-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: sundive

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Several large rocks (bommies) create a series of intersecting gullies at dive site Spot X. The central gully is a fish magnet and a huge column of demersal fish species is almost always present. Most of the action here occurs in the small central area. The depth ranges from 18 to 25 meters with a maximum depth of 25 meters allowing a good exploration of the full area. Basket stars are often seen. They exhibit a writhing ball of hundreds of tentacles and are quite unlike any other starfish species normally seen. There are plenty of black corals, some small gorgonians and a few small caves and crevices under rocks with one being home to a Maori cod. The bottom is usually draped with large wobbegong sharks. It is a good spot to see large pelagic fish such as yellowtail kingfish, jewfish and also large rays gliding by. The crew will normally dive down to set the anchor and to determine that current and visibility will allow for an enjoyable dive.

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