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Hugo's Trench is a rough dive site surrounded with steep walls, many large fish and a strong surge.

Name Dive Site:Hugo's Trench
Depth: 10-18m (32-59ft)
Inserted/Added by: sundive

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Hugo's Trench is generally dived at a maximum depth of 16 meters although the outer mooring may allow descent to 18 meters. Inside the trench is generally around 10-12 meters. It is a steep walled chasm with a sandy bottom usually filled with two species of wobbegong shark lying around in numbers. Pretty peacock sole are common on the sandy floor. Clouds of tailor, jewfish, bream and many other species hang in the trench.

When the seas are very calm there are terminal caves and hollows which stretch up and out from both sides at the far end of the trench and may be explored using a slow rate of rise technique. When the seas are rough, this is not possible, but in compensation, a bubble curtain may cover the surface and descend a little causing alternate day and night affects. One must swim out of the trench before commencing an ascent to the surface because surface wave action is normally present.

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Name: scubadivingaustralia

Hugo's Trench is a deep gutter with a depth of around 12 meters. It cuts straight into Julian Rocks and is filled with a lot of fish like blue gropers, bullseyes, wobbegongs, turtles, stingrays and many more other marine life. The trench cuts through the entire rocks and in perfect weather conditions you can swim all the way through.

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