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The Cod Hole is a great cave also suitable for non cave specialists with many large fish such as jewfish, grouper and cods.

Name Dive Site:Cod Hole
Depth: 14-21m (45-68ft)
Inserted/Added by: sundive

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The Cod Hole takes the form of a sloping archway. The depth is 14 meters at the shallow entrance and 15-18 meters on the deeper side. Outside on the sand the depth may reach 20-21 meters. The entrances to the archway are visible at all times so this is not a cave dive. Inside there are normally clouds of bullseyes (small bronze colored fish). It is common when approaching the cave on either side to see an array of big faces looking out. This is because jewfish (10-25 Kg) large cod, kingfish, Queensland grouper and grey nurse sharks love to inhabit the shelter. Inside, the walls have many alcoves and fissures in which may be seen painted crayfish, slipper lobsters, coral cod, moray eels of several colors, cleaner shrimp and occasionally the rare ornate ghost pipefish.

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Name: mark.turton

This dive site is a must if you're in Byron Bay. The Cod Hole is one of the best spots at Julian Rocks.It's a good dive site for all levels from open water divers up.If you want a good look at the small stuff in this small swim though, don't forget a torch. If your only interested in the big stuff you won't be disappointed.

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