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Idol Bay is known as the most, in fish, crowded dive site around Forster with all kinds of marine species.

Name Dive Site:Idol Bay
Depth: 3-10m (9-32ft)
Inserted/Added by: actiondivers

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Idol Bay is a dive that's filled with adventure. It has by far, the widest variety of marine life out of any other dive site in the Forster region with every nook and cranny being home to a different kind of sea creature. Loggerhead Turtles huddle in close to the bommies to sleep, Blue Gropers eagerly follow you throughout the whole dive, hoping you will break open a Sea Urchin for them to eat, Moray eels watch you closely from the safety of their holes and Pineapple Fish hide in small crevasses on the underside of the bommies along with the Red Line Shrimp.

Being just under 10 meters in depth, you have a long bottom time and you definitely need every minute to explore all the bommies. This dive is one of my favorite dives even if the Vis is down because every little nook that you pop your head into, is likely to be home to a little sea creature. Nobody is ever disappointed after this dive.

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