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Kirby Smith
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Hoskyn Islands West, Northwest of West tip, is an excellent place to dive for Manta rays

Name Dive Site:Hoskyn Islands
Depth: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: thelning

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Best dive-season / How to get there: Best season would be just before the cyclone season and leaving from Gladstone. Probably best way to get there is by a private boat, as I do not know any one going there, but by chartering a boat in a group it should be possible. We never saw any boats there for weeks in November/December. Although there are a few dive organisations in Gladstone that could probably go there.

The Hoskyn Islands makes for an excellent dive site for getting close up to many Manta rays. It seems that they have found this nice and quiet isolated place to feed in. There are also plenty of white tipped reef sharks playing around biting each others in the sides, as they were playing.

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