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Heron Island is a paradise in Australia, surrounded by pristine beaches and brilliant coral reefs.

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Heron Island is a small coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef situated at about 70km east - northeast of Gladstone, Queensland. The 300 meter wide and 800 meter long island is known for its protected turtle habitat, its scuba diving opportunities and for its surroundings. It is a World Heritage-Listed Marine National Park, fully ecologic with only one pristine resort. On the western side you have a man-made channel with wooden jetty, deep enough for boats to anchor and drop supplies and guests. Besides scuba diving, snorkeling and turtle tours, you can also book activities such as guided island walks, reef exploration trips and semi-submersible cruises. Here you can see a virtual tour of Heron islands' underwater world taken in cooperation with the Catlin Seaview Survey. There are plenty of famous dive sites around Heron Island, from the often mentioned Heron Bommie to the rusted wreckage of the HMCS Protector. There is also a Heron Island Research Station that is one of the prime research stations worldwide for coral health and life.

Each year between November and January, especially green turtles and loggerhead turtles start nesting and hatching. While walking at Heron Beach in the evening, you should see plenty of turtles, breeding ones but also little hatching's. Please pay attention to their vulnerability and give them plenty of space, don't be loud and don't flash your torches as it might confuse them. It is a fantastic play, a great event and a highlight for your stay on Heron Island.


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