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Swirl Reef is named after the many surface swells that leave marks of its turbulent underwater currents and surges.

Name Dive Site:Swirl Reef
Depth: 5-18m (16-59ft)
Visibility: 8-12m (26-39ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: bellscuba

Rated not yet
GPS:S32°00.045', E115°28.024'

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Swirl Reef is located on the North side of the Island and is surrounded by flat sand at about 18 meters. It is about one mile from the shore. The reef is an area about the same size as a football field. The best dive is to enter the cave on the southern side of the reef, this is found where the reef joins the sand, the cave then works its way up and you pop out in the shallows at about 5m.

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Name: perthscuba

Swirl Reef is so called because of the "footprint" visible on the surface of the water after a swell has passed thru. The reef is virtually formed like a crater with a hollow in the center and many swimthroughs accessible from the inside, especially the northwest and southeast sections of the reef. The most awesome swim-through is accessible only from the outside and is again on the northwest side, with a huge cavernous opening at seabed level.

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