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Bremer Bay is one of the most scenic towns on the south coast of Australia with white beaches, blue waters and several dive sites just offshore.

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Bremer Bay is a small picturesque village on the southwestern coast of Australia situated between Albany and Esperance. It was originally named Wellstead (visit the Wellstead Museum), after its first settler John Wellstead, but it was changed in 1951 and named after the British Royal Navy's rear-admiral James Gordon Bremer. This coastal town, located at the mouth of the Bremer River, is known for its pristine bays, crystal clear azure blue waters, sheltered coves and stunning white beaches. The Stirling Range National Park with Bluff Knoll is nearby, as is the Fitzgerald National Park Biosphere with one of the densest collection of flora and fauna.

Besides all natural attractions such as brilliant boat trips, secluded beaches and scenic viewpoints, there are many other interesting things to do around Bremer Bay. You can visit the Fishery Beach Marina, a nice small harbour where most whale watching tours (Jul-Nov), boat trips and sail yachts start their journey. At Point Anne there even is a platform built for tourists with the sole intention to spot these magnificent creatures and their calves. Fishing for bream, grouper and salmon is very popular, both as deep sea fishing tours as from shore. Bremer Bay, is undeveloped enough to make it beautiful and developed enough to provide for all tourism facilities necessary.

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