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North Mole is one of the most popular shore dives in North Fremantle, Perth.

Name Dive Site:North Mole
Depth: 0-12m (0-39ft)
Visibility: 3-8m (9-26ft)
Accessibility: Shore
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Best dive-season / How to get there: Turn right from Rudderham Drive onto North Mole Drive, and follow it all the way to the end (light house) where you will reach a small car park and public toilets. Across from the toilets you will see a small ramp and concrete platform on the northern side of the mole. This is disabled persons' fishing platform and it the easiest way to gain entry to the water. Caution must be taken, the rocks can be quite slippery when wet.

There is a small shipwreck located 220 meters off the platform at North Mole on a bearing of 358 degrees. Although the true identity is not known, it seems the wreck is most probably the Gareenup, a 22mtr barge which sunk in 1923 after a collision with another vessel.

She lies in 8-10 meters of water, and is easier to find if you line up the light house on a bearing on 210 degrees, and the first dockside crane on 85 degrees. You can also dive up and down the mole itself, with the large rocks providing homes to schools of Bullseyes, Old Wives, and the odd Western Rock Lobster. These can also be found at the wreck itself, along with Blue Devil's, Masked Stingrays, small Port Jackson Sharks, Western Box fish and the occasional Cuttle Fish. Don't forget a flag as there can be boat traffic in the area, and a rope makes the decent down the ramp a little easier.

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Name: bellscuba

The North Mole (wall of Fremantle Harbour) is not a physically easy dive as it involves a bit of mountaineering with a scuba unit on your back. It is however a reasonable dive if your body can stand up to the punishment. As well as the life that you will find in amongst the large rocks that make up the harbour wall there is the wreck of the Garrunup which can be found by swimming due North for 75 meters from the disabled fishing ramp. There is easy parking at the top of the harbour wall. Visibility varies a lot from 2m to about 10, the swell is the main factor affecting vis here. Be careful about falling down the rocks, boats and fisherman and their lines.

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