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Diving the Navy Pier at Exmouth

Name Dive Site:Navy Pier at Exmouth (Point Murat Navy Pier)
Depth: 0-10m (0-32ft)
Visibility: 3-10m (9-32ft)
Accessibility: Shore
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The Exmouth Navy Pier has been documented for some time. There have been collected thousands of photographs and hours of underwater material that reveal the variety of marine life that live around and beneath the Pier. Diving here near the Pier is considered to be amongst the top ten dive sites in Australia, and you can see more individual fish and species here, than most people will see in their lives! One of the reasons for this variety is that fishing from the Pier is prohibited and that the ecosystem has been left to thrive, resulting in a huge biodiversity, biomass and many large fish. The perfect example of a sanctuary zone and the result of protecting this area for many years. It is also one of the few man made dive sites.

While being here in the West of Australia for only a day or two, diving Navy Pier at Exmouth is a must. You might think that a pier dive can't be that good, so close to shore and in murkey water. But, dive Navy Pier and you will see that it is. You'll see a lot of fish like sharks, huge groupers, wobbegongs and shoals of many small species.

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Name: scubadivingaustralia

The Navy Pier is one of the most fantastic dive sites in Exmouth. To get there you have to get onto the terrain of the Harold E. Holt Naval Communication centre. Every year one dive company in Exmouth gets the chance to take people scuba diving on the navy pier. It's actually on American soil, so you have to bring your passport and there are several checks before you're allowed access to the pier itself. Once you're there you'll see the magnificent beauty of this location. The species you'll see are nudibranchs, flatworms, octopi, wobbegongs, parrotfish, all kinds of butterfly fish, batfish and angelfish, lionfish, boxfish, moray eels and many more. The maximum depth under the pier is 17 meters deep and this dive site can only be dived at low or high tide because of the currents. This is a very special place to go scuba diving and an adventure you won't forget easily.

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