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The HMAS Perth is a huge wreck that served in Vietnam and was finally scuttled in the bay near Albany.

Name Dive Site:HMAS Perth
Depth: 20-36m (65-118ft)
Visibility: 10-20m (32-65ft)
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: hmasperth

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GPS:S35°04.790', E117°58.060'

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The HMAS Perth was one of the Royal Australian Navy's finest war ships and was the class leader of the three Australian Destroyers built to the U.S. Charles F Adams design. The Guided Missile Destroyer was decommissioned from service in 1999 after a distinguished 34 year career. She had seen three deployments on active service in Vietnam during the late 1960's and early 1970's, including many other tours of duty to ports all around the world. She had steamed in excess of one million nautical miles during her career, and remains the only RAN ship to be hit by enemy fire in the last 50 years. Fortunately there were no casualties.

The HMAS Perth is 133 meters long (437 feet), has a beam of 14.3 meters (43 feet), a height of 46 meters (151 feet) and a displacement of 4900 tonnes. It was built in Michigan USA in 1962, and had a crew of 333 (21 officers and 312 sailors). The HMAS Perth was scuttled on 24th November 2001 in King George Sound, some 500 meters off Seal Rock in 38 meters of water. Her mast protrudes above the surface, and she still carries one of her original 5"/54 caliber single gun mounts. The creation of the Artificial Reef sees the combination of two historic maritime icons - Albany and HMAS Perth. There are public and private moorings all around the ship. There is also a hefty fee of 8 Australian dollar pre diver per day, but it is all worth it.

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Name: perthscuba

The HMAS Perth was brought from the USA in 1963 and was decommissioned from service in 1999. It had done 2 tours in Vietnam where it was the last Australian warship to be hit by enemy fire. The ship is 133 meters long, 14.2 meters wide and 42.7 meters tall. It was fitted with 2.5 inch guns, but unfortunately only one of these guns is still onboard. The wreck has a yellow special marker on top and it is surrounded by 10 mooring buoys. 6 yellow commercial buoys and 4 red public.

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