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Ribbon Reef 10 is the most northern and last of the Ribbon Reefs with a dive site named Cod Hole known throughout the globe.

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Ribbon Reef is with 90 kilometers one of the longest reef chains along the outer Great Barrier Reef. These wicked reefs start near Cooktown and continue all the way up as far as Lizard Island. Lying there at the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, it attracts some of the world's most curious animals creating many spectacular dive sites. You will find stunning drop-offs, beautiful rich coral gardens and excellent drift wall dives. It is also home to the world renowned dive site the Cod Hole with its enormous potato cods and nearby you will find plenty of sea snakes at the Snake Pit dive site. June and July is the time that Minke Whales can be encountered on the ocean side of Ribbon Reef number 10, making it even more interesting.

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Name: orangepeel

Going there with Taka at the end of the month, can't wait! Any reports would be welcome!

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