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Diving at dive site Magnetic Island

Name Dive Site:Magnetic Island
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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Name: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

My time as a dive master runs out in two weeks and I still had to do more than 10 dives. Some of the dives described you can find below.

Charlie and I illegally went out on a night dive and we accidentally bumped into the paying group so that we had to go back early. One dive was a Discover Scuba Diving dive with three students who didn't have any training at all. Quite funny actually. Each of the dive masters was buddying with one of the student and our job was to keep them strait and buoyant, preventing them to go up and down or rocketing to the surface. I played the rescue victim laying on the bottom of the ocean and hoping that the students would find me. Once I had equalizing problems with sinuses that wouldn't pop. Elenor, me and Armen went to dive the Moltke wreck again, once when I was leading the Canyons dive I thought I could swim over a few rocks but low tide prevented this. I met David again, we did our Open Water course together in Harvey Bay, and we made a very long dive at the Coral Gardens and Canyons in Alma Bay. Once I forgot that I was diving with a dive flag and when passing a swimmthrough I found out about that mistake and had to return. Other sights on Magnetic Island include Spotfish Rock, Bremner Point, Geoffrey Bay, a peak performance buoyancy dive, a low visibility dive on the Moltke, terrible navigation dive and once I lost the wreck. Marine life included huge angelfish and turtles.

Name: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

I did a lot of dives around Magnetic Island, mainly in and near Alma Bay. I dove with instructors, helping in certifying beginning divers, I mapped Fish Cove with Michael, we took a lot of fun dives and we were taking divers out to one of Alma Bays' beautiful dive sites.

My orientation problems above water turned out to be even worse under water as I wasn't sure whether I could locate the Molke Wreck. We dove with TJ and Miyuki, me and Sarah experienced a diver with a bleeding nose because he went up and down too often, one time I was sent back to shore with a diver who had equalizing problems, an underwater navigation dive appeared to be difficult as none of the students made it correctly back to the flag and we spotted clamps in Alma Bay.

One terrible experience was a dive with Marie. She was leading the dive to Moltke Wreck and she wanted to be in the water before the ferry arrived but the ferry was already very nearby and it was getting dangerous to get into the water. She jumped in with the paying divers; she broke her mask strip and told me and Matt very bossy to get a new one from out of the car. Matt got it, but both of us decided to wait until the ferry was gone again.

One of my night dives in Alma Bay was the best I have ever done. We saw loads of crabs, small fishes, awakening parrotfish, hundreds of worms attracted to the flash lights. The end when we walked out of the water was even more spectacular. Hundreds of flying fish were flying next to us, it was full moon with lots of bright stars and when we walked back to the dive shop we saw wallabies and opossum.

Name: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

During this time I dove a few pretty dives near the dive shop where I did my divemaster course in Alma Bay, Magnetic Island. I dove the Molthe Wreck and the Canyons. One of my dives was my first as a open water students dive leader.

And another one was while helping an instructor certifying their Open Water students. One of the open water students hadn't properly turned on the air velves and she noticed underwater that it was quite hard to breathe. So I helped her by opening up the velves completely.

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