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Hastings Reef is one of the most popular training reefs offshore Cairns with shallow diving and plenty of marine fish.

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Hastings Reef is a nice and popular reef for diving as well as snorkeling, also for trainees. This large reef is one typical in the area; it rises quickly from 20 meter up to 5 meter deep and you will find yourself surrounded in fish. It is a kind of coral bommie, but then very large and shallow. For those with money, you can arrive at Hastings by helicopter as there is a helicopter pad right in the middle of the Coral Sea.

One of the Australian attractions which can be seen here, is Wally the Maori wrasse. Wally is a huge Maori wrasse which likes divers a lot and asks for their attention all the time. If you ever liked diving and even touching or kissing a big Maori Wrasse, this is the dive to do. You can also see sweetlip, cod, huge purple clams and large pieces of staghorn coral. Trout is also one of the normal inhabitants of this dive site.

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